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The Research Inc. Advantages

Our research techniques and methodologies have withstood the test of time and consistently yielded data that has proven to be invaluable to our Clients during the development and marketing phases of their projects. For analytical skills, we are one of the most-respected market research analysts in the country, incorporating shrewd market intelligence into both business and societal issues.

Primary Research Method

Primary research involves gathering raw data from a primary source such as shoppers, retailers, business (including industrial) enterprises, home buyers, real estate investors, etc.

Qualitative Techniques

The qualitative approach allows greater depth as well as scope of coverage when exploring consumer opinions on a particular subject, their preferences, attitudes, perceptions, receptiveness, etc. These are obtained either by means of Focus Group Discussions, or through Face- to-Face Indepth Interviews with potential target market groups.

Qualitative feedback is especially useful in developing new concepts for a particular development.

Quantitative Techniques

When it is more important to study a large cell size of potential target markets, quantitative research methods are used. These usually take the form of either face-to-face structured interviews, telephone interviews, or postal/electronic surveys. Interviewees involved are usually home buyers, shoppers, office occupants, retailers, etc.

The findings will establish purchase motivations, consumer lifestyles, shopping habits and preferences, etc.

Secondary Research Method

Secondary Research involves collecting data from published sources or in some cases, anecdotal evidence. These include an in-house database such as :

  • Our RESEARCH Inc. Asia office in Kuala Lumpur, which maintains an extensive and up-to-date data bank on information relating to consumer data & trends, economic trends, socio-demographics, government legislations and policies, infrastructural developments, the Malaysian property market, etc. and international market developments abroad.
  • Our library of published documents which serve as our physical record of the latest market news and trends, industry developments, reviews, latest product offerings, etc.
  • Private and Government journals, reports, official statistics, structure plans & other releases which contain additional information on up-to-date economic & socio-demographic data, government policies, current & future infrastructural developments, market performance, industry statistics, etc.
  • The World Wide Web & other online information sources.

Additionally, we have our own endless wealth of customized research findings documented in volumes of reports that serve as a rich source of information in the course of our research work.