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Consumer Research
Consumer Behaviour / Preferences Study and Usage & Attitudinal (U&A) Studies

Especially relevant to real estate developers interested in residential, retail, office, industrial, and leisure/recreational developments, as well as retailers and investors.

The objective is to elicit underlying motivations affecting purchase behavior/attitudes of elevant target markets.

A U&A Study provides in-depth analyses of potential target market psychographics in relation to the usage/perception of a product. It gives insight into possible influences that may affect consumer behavior and attitudes.

Catchment Study

Crucial for retail developments (i.e. shopping malls, town centres, etc.), retailers (e.g. department store/chains, hypermarkets, etc.), a Catchment study provides key analysis on demand and supply (ie potential competition) issues.

Coupled with a Retail Trade Zone (RTZ) study - see the following, findings revealed from a Catchment Study is particularly powerful for market positioning, retail planning, and effective in securing businesses/retailers/investors.

Retail Trade Zone (RTZ) Study

This involves the creation of a computer-generated isoline map (RTZ Map), which precisely highlights residential and non-residential areas (commercial, industrial etc.), and plots out a retail site's potential competitors - all within colour-coded areas that delineate a centre's trade areas.