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Mission & Philosophy

RESEARCH Inc. Asia has been active since the early 1990s. We pioneered the property research services and are distinguished by our understanding of real estate development in both business and societal contexts. We provide a broad range of market research and consultancy services, focusing on strategy and profit optimization.

Our mission is to think what nobody else has thought.

RESEARCH Inc. Asia has unmatched indepth industry experience working side-by-side with real estate-related organisations in both private and public sectors. We continuously demonstrate unparalleled skills in managing the research process, and are one of the most-respected real estate research firms in the country. Testimonials from our Clients (please refer to the section on 'showcases' in this dossier) state it best.

RESEARCH Inc. Asia's business philosophy, best described below, stresses on the importance of responding to change.


We provide a wide range of ground-breaking, enterprising solutions to real estate problems.


We adopt an unbiased and proactive approach to market analysis to ensure our clients receive the best advice and highest standards of service possible.


We focus solely on maximizing real estate development value for all property types by providing our clients with precise market and property information analysis.