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Property Research
Highest and Best Use Studies

Backed by a comprehensive investigation into the property industry and market trends, Highest and Best Use Study generates marketable and financially viable development concepts, identifies market niches, product trends, and establishes pricing and phasing strategies.

Project Feasibility / Market Potential Studies

Such studies help to avoid costly mistakes by researching the market first to check the potential demand for the development and assess, the level of competition in the marketplace, prior to its implementation.

Concept Generation / Trend Setting

RESEARCH Inc. Asia will help a client innovate or fine-tune development concepts (for all property types), by using in-depth information and/or data gathered through properly-executed market research.

Comprehensive Marketing Plan Formulation

This involves the preparation of a comprehensive Marketing Plan for a development - any type of development (residential, commercial, etc.), covering aspects such as Product or Development Concept, Positioning, Pricing, Promotion, Phasing, Critical Success Factors (CSF) etc.